Monday, October 8, 2018

Hong Kong

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Estates At The Peak in Hong Kong 
📸: Andrea Eng
Low turnover - just 13 transactions per annum


1. The Diamond is next to the Gherkin which I almost bought for tycoon Richard Li four years ago - I was first in line with the Receiver before international financier Safra bought. Management at Pacific Century Premium Developments, killed the deal; I had already retained legal team to represent us. We would be ahead by ~ $500 million USD by now. #timingiseverything
2. Lai Sun's co-investor in The Diamond include our UBC classmate who is Vice Chair of Asia Standard, a respectable medium size publico in HK with holdings globally. In Vancouver, Asia Standard is developing the former 'Cloud 9' site on Robson Street

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Singapore Developers


Because of rising demand, a number of En Bloc units have offered themselves as sites and finding purchasers

Here are the developers who were able to secure sites during 2017

The most noteworthy transaction is tycoon Robert Kuok's Allgreen Properties re-entry to the  Singapore market with this month.
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Andrea Eng

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Gaw Capital

Gaw Capital are connected fund managers in global real estate 

Targeting distressed real estate in China

Nice real estate Christina Gaw 

Gaw Capital purchase the 494 room Oakland Marriott Hotel for $143 million  -- 2017 May


Gaw Capital with Tencent founder Pony Ma said to be purchasing the Four Seasons Hotel In Bora Bora

Gaw Capital sells Osaka Hyatt Regency for $153 million USD
They acquired the asset for $30 million in 2014

Photo by Jason Hawkes

Gaw Capital and InvestUK signed the MoU to launch a £1 billion ‘Education Bond’, an investment product that allows Chinese and other international students to invest in the UK and gain permanent residence.




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  • These are just some of the deals of Gaw Capital Partners.  They are experienced deal makers

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