Wednesday, October 2, 2013



太太's piece of heaven on earth.    Our own private beach front home to share with Best Friends.   


L's came in from New York; S's via London, and Richard & Ivy travelled 31 hours from Hong Kong.  

Twice we were hosted by the always affable and generous host of Cove House Springs.  Ajmal has a hefty collection of Petrus.

Aj's Place in Barbados

Let me see if I can remember the list of celebrity entertainers who have rented this amazing piece of real estate:  Kian Egan, Mariah Carey, Simon Cowell...

i love best that Prince Harry with Aj was photographed in Hello! magazine in the UK.  

This was an experience of great minds exchanging global ideas.   

What an invigorating business lesson!
An amazing introduction to Barbados.  Much thanks to my hosts & good friends.


When we left this amazing piece of heaven on earth, 90 turtle eggs were laid at the gate from the beach.   Global Asians especially consider this an auspicious sign.  

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