Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Trump Vancouver

Most don't understand the marketing behind the new Trump Vancouver on West Georgia Street, and I must admit I didn't get it either, till I put on my Asian hat are rembered the Asian princeling bagged with pots of ca$h and going to do it his way.   I admire that  - Holburn principal is saying to local superstars like the Rosewood Hotel and ShangriLa to "Watch Out!  [he] is going to smoke them..."

Service Plus Plus Plus for those used to Staff

We are proud to have had the vision to pry this jewel loose decades ago when it was a BC-class office building owned by a Chinese family..   Its now the site of Donald Trump's hotel.   

They announced that residents will have use of private jet, Rolls Royce and similar service offered in world-class cities like London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai...  This building is for the super wealthy who like to visit Vancouver.

For the world's nouveau riche & those who appreciate outdoor lifestyle, Vancouver presents a peace of heaven on earth.  

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